Love autumn in New England. #rawcommunity

Fresh batch of Conserva di Mailae. Roasted pork belly spread with maple, paprika & fennel. Bust out the grilled bread.

Fegatelli di maiale. Rustic Tuscan pork sausage studded with chunks of chicken liver, raisins, pine nuts and orange zest. #homelab #recipetesting #savorysunday #piratesausage

XX Shucked Ward’s Lima Beans “a la Fox”: white chocolate, almond, juniper. @chefjeremyfox

Buttered beets, goat yogurt.

Double cut Old Spot chop, smoked onion soubise, wheat berries & tart plums.

Beef fat roasted Cortland apple and fingerling potato, pumpkin mustard, aged cheddar, hazelnuts & maple. #fall

Hook and line mahi from beyond Block Island.

Roasted pumpkins & white clogs.

Confit of autumn.